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We should discuss this again since its that time. 

We have some money and in 2013 we should IMO sponsor gone.

What are your thoughts?  This is huge event and lots of exposure for AZXC.

Marcin, where does the money go and how is it used? Im in for sponsoring as well, just curious to where the money goes and what it helps pay for, etc...?

John GhostX will be able to elaborate more;

I know it goes to keep trails open in Moab (so we can continue to keep going up there) it goes to pay for insurance and permits for the event.  There is a lot of expenses that it goes for.  Trust me Sunny I have questioned it last year and have had my own heart burn over how things were handled in previous gone's.  That is the past though and I have spoken with John about it and the new group is setting up a very transparent site so folks know what funds are being used for.

We can either sponsor the event with $$$ or we can go out and buy something, donate it and have it raffled off.  Lets all discuss this and I am sure John will jump in to answer you question in more depth!

It seemed that last year the sponsorship was mainly to grow the group. What are the results? I know in my business if advertising dollars aren't working I don't repeat the advertising. So on that note, what were the results. How many members did we grow from the event sponsorship? With members paying $25 per year and I believe we sponsored $500 for the event, did we gain 25 members, at least 10 new members, from the endeavor?

There are a lot of local groups, events and runs that might better benefit from our sponsorship. I think this should be reviewed by the membership.

My 2 cents.

^^ I agree somewhat with Xtasy statement, we could still sponsor GoneMoab but maybe not to the tune of $500 rate. I think getting more involved locally with benefit runs, etc... is a good idea, Ive met a few different good people in the last year from other clubs, i.e. Copperstate4wheelers and they do some fun, good local stuff as well.


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