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I'm a dick and I thought I'd delete all of my posts before I leave so here ya go.

Post them if ya love the 2nd Amendment.

Here is the home protector/hiking gun.

Here is a bolt gun I just sold.

This post reserved for my Yugo SKS when I get some images.

It was sold in California at one time, I can tell as they removed the grenade launcher and welded a cheesy muzzle brake on the end. I plan to remove the welded muzzle brake and replace it with an original Yugo SKS grenade launcher attachment.

No other plans for it, I may or may not re-finish the wood but I did not buy this rifle for its looks. I also plan to modify it to accept AK magazines, so I may do these mods with an after market stock but I still need to do some research.

These rifles were very affordable at one time but now they are going for around $400. I got mine for $350.

Id post picture but all my guns are evil and I cant trust them to not shoot anything if I lay them on the ground to take pictures.


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