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You build your own? That's awesome! ;D
My dad makes his own bullets, but guns is a totally different story. I especially love that AK47, though I don't suppose the AR15 in that shot is home made too is it?

Well, that one isn't, but this one will be ;), I really want to make it into a .300 blackout or .450 socom pistol :

This is actually my first homemade gun, based off of a 10/22: I finished a blank receiver on a drill press in my garage when I was 17.

This is my Ar-15 with a .22 upper receiver.  Awesome for when you don't want to spend the money on 5.56  ;D

This is my Ruger P89 9mm

And when I am wearing the uniform, this is my weapon of choice! The M249 squad automatic weapon... AKA the SAW  :D

That SAW is awesome!

Here's my first addition to my collection, Windham Weaponry AR-15. Beautiful. Haven't decided on eventual add-ons yet.

gotta get a rail system on that bad boy!


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