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Onix gots a new Ham Rig... Watch out!

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Well, I can't take my test until Oct 20th.  So time to put down the study materials for awhile.  I know the stuff well though and I am passing practice exams with better than 80%.  Of course, I am taking the exams while at work in the middle of the night.

Thanks Wally and Brenda for the motivation and encouragement.  Gotta thank Scooby from the Higherground 4x4 forums for showing the practical side of Ham.

If you need any help i will try to help as best as i can Scott and i 2 also want to give a BIG thank you to Brenda as she has been a Big help and motavator in this task at hand .Today will be my big day for the test.Altho i have not had as much time to study i did crunch alot of study time on the computer at testing lab.This was all done in two weeks so i would or could try to get my cert for Fat Tire .If not it will give me more time to study .I did well on the tests with some trial and error but not bad.

Again a BIG thanks to Brenda .

Good luck tonite.  Take your time.  It is all a waiting game for me now.


--- Quote from: defibvt on July 20, 2009, 07:31:19 AM ---Well, I can't take my test until Oct 20th. 
--- End quote ---
WHY?   :-\

You really want this... If this is what you want to do... you should make it happen (before you lose steam).
You should take just a few hours from work one evening, take the test, then jam over to work. Shoot, tell them you gots' diarrhea or something and you have to wait for it to pass before coming in to work. Who in their right mind would question that???

Scott's Boss: Why you late!?
Scott: Cause I gots the chits. Bad mayo.
Scott's Boss: I want proof.
Scott: OK then...

I would so love to do that.  My shift starts at 1845.  No worries.  I am not going to lose steam.  I know this stuff.  If I had the night off tonite I would be in Mesa taking it with Wall-E.


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