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Onix gots a new Ham Rig... Watch out!

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Good luck. I'll be doing the same in the near future. Ordering the radio next week hopefully.

I think Wally getting a radio was a great idea. I gave him an old CB mag mount and told him to go figure out how to make it work on 2 meters so he could listen. And he did (no figure out, no listen). It's almost like he feels that he has a reason to learn and experiment. Getting a radio ready to listen takes a bit of figuring out (i.e., the mobile install, figuring out an antenna, knowing what freqs to scan, understanding repeaters, understanding protocol). All that makes you ask even more questions and that reinforces the ideas. I think playing with the radio, experimenting and listening has all been a great contributor in getting him ready to be successful on the test and successful on the air. Forcing your head in a study book to memorize the question pool may not be the best way for everyone to learn (meaning that different people learn different ways).

Also, what I think is a big help is Gordo's Audio Book on CD (Gordon West's Radio School).  Wally's been listening to it in the truck while driving to and from work. I listened to a few chapters yesterday while in his truck and I liked it. I thought it was even kinda of fun.

In the end... I think it will be that much more meaningful to him, taking the test and getting his first call. Cause he sees the radio in his truck, he listens to it all the time. And I know he's itchin to introduce himself and talk to the people he hears every day, he finds them so interesting. But he can't. Not yet. But the first times he throws out his new call and people come back to him, it’ll all be worth it. It'll be a different kind of respect, not just a newbie respect, but a smart newbie respect. He'll be well liked.

It's like kind waiting to fall in love till you have... never mind.

Where did you get the study materials?  What did it cost?  I am about as confused as you can get when it comes down to understanding this Ham Radio stuff.  It seems to be way over my head. 

You feel that it's over your head ‘cause you haven't gotten your feet wet!  ;D
This hobby can be as cheap or as expensive as you want (just as with any hobby).
Don't let the cost turn you away. If this is something you are interested in, then you can make it happen. As with most hobbies, once you shell out the initial cost, your good to go.

I picked up Wally's Yaesu 2 Meter mobile for about $130. It is a bear bones basic model and is being discontinued.  My thinking was just to get him listening to something and then he can go later when he figures out what he likes (he might not even like 2 meters, you never know).
The antenna mount... free ‘cause I found it in the garage and gave it to him. The copper welding rod he used for a whip, free too. He will need to get a real mount and antenna later before transmitting. My trunk lip mount was $80 and the little "low profile trail antenna" was $10. I also have a high gain Diamond antenna that I think was about $100, but I bought that long ago.
I got the Gordo Audio Book from HRO Phoenix for about $30 bucks and an AARL course book for $20 bucks.

I'd suggest that you stop by and see Wally. Have his show you how he set his radio up and ask him about what his as been learning.  I'm sure that Wally would be more than happy to share and chat... a sign of a real ham.

Oh I know I want it.  As for learning, I can learn anything.  My motivation comes from a night run I was on with Higherground 4x4 on Friday.  We had 4 Jeeps break or not able to go any further do to trail conditions.  We got all 4 out.   The last one I helped with had children with him.  Granted they were older kids at 16 but children nontheless.  The Ham used a phone patch and was able to have his brother meet us at the trailhead.  His brother took the kids home.  I followed and he and I returned with replacement tie rod.  That to me was absolutely enough evidence the the cost is very relevant. 

Oh btw, we didn't get the truck out and  us home until 0800.  The other members of the group were home by 0230.  So you see I already know the value of having your ticket.  Thanks for all the info.  I do appreciate it.


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