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Meeting 1/19/13 @ 5pm at 11Pro4X's

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Hammer (Avi):
AZXC Meeting 1/19/13 @ 5pm at 11Pro4X's (PM for address)  
There will be a mod day before the meeting, and a night run after, so come prepared for a full day of AZXC fun!

Current items to be discussed.
1)2013 Sponsership
2)VP Election
3)AZXC Name Change
4)Vote on new By laws
5)GoneMoab Sponsorship
6)FatTire Support

Maybe think about the stance of New Belgium Brewing on OHV from the letter they signed fighing OHV access in Moab and how that might impact the choice to do the Fat Tire run the club sponsors.

We doing restaurant or someones place?

Hammer (Avi):
I am open to suggestions, the tilted kilt meeting had good attendance but it was difficult to hear people talking. 

We are 18 days away from this meeting, we need to pick a location and time! 


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