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2013 Give-A-Ways

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2013 Give-A-Ways will only be for supporting members.  So if you're debating on becoming a supporting member of AZXC here is what we plan on giving away this year so far.  There is more in the works!

6 $50 gift certificates from Raingler
2 $100 gift certificates from Raingler
1 set of adjustable shackles from Nisstec
Set of extended brake lines (either front or rear your choice) from Nisstec
2 $50 gift certificates from Nisstec
2 $100 gift certificates from Nisstec
Gift certificates from Rock Auto in many denominations
Xoskel product (to be determined)
XTF product (to be determined)

The AZXC team is also working on more sponsorship so stayed tuned!  We are already close to $2000 worth of give-a-ways for this year!

Make sure you support our sponsors and check out their websites. 

Don't for get to become a supporting member!!

XTF interior rack

I am drooling over that rack Boondox...

Thanks, I think it turned out great.

X2 on that note sweeeeeet!!!!!


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