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2013 Give-A-Ways

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I am torn. I love winning stuff (which typically doesn't happen), but don't see personal use for some of the stuff. And don't think it would be cool to resell something I won from the club. So I am trying to come up with justifications for needing everything :)

That's an easy solution, don't sign up for what you don't want/need.

There's not a whole lot of need for a lot of things, but staring at something like this I'm drooling too thinking "Do Want" ;D

So many storage options with something like this ;D

Nice thing about the expanded metal is you can cut 2 sections of flat stock metal. Then drill a couple holes in it then mount some quickfist. You could also do that on the plates with the dimpled holes too I guess.

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I finally donated my $25 and am now a supporting member.  Still doesn't mean I am going to put one of those big ugly stickers on my truck though... :D


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