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Official 2013 Caravan thread!

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Ok well here goes I am planning on being there unless something comes up with work last minute.

I plan on leaving either late on Saturday or early Sunday morning.

Who else is in?

Not sure if I'll be departing from flag or Vegas, but if I'm leaving from flag I'm in

I will not be able to go to Flagstaff on saturday this year, so leave early Sunday morning for me, meet anybody in Flag that we need, get gas and continue the drive will be my plan.

I will be in flag Fri/Sat/Sun for Overland Expo so I will meet up with you guys for sure.

If I am going to MOAB is still TBD but if I  go I will be in the caravan

I am 73% sure I will be in the caravan, just depends on my work schedule. I will keep you posted when the time gets closer


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