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Sunny's Fronty ***3 Link front done*** Pics added***

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Yeah I can drive on the street but I do have a lot of body roll. AntiRock sway bar wont work because my steering box is mounted on the outside of the frame(jeeps are inside) so pitman arm is in the way. I could go to full hydro and of course AntiRock would work great but probably not doing that anytime soon, may use a factory sway bar welded to frame with quick disconnect setup but for now I trailer it to trails anyways so Im gonna just wheel it and enjoy for a little while, its been worked on and in shops too much lately, got to enjoy it for awhile first.

Some recent pics of Log Corral run with Copperstate4wheelers

Got some last minute mods/maintenance before Moab to finish up:

Trim/cut out bed below new rear fender tubing seen in pics above

Trim/cut and clear tires on front fender and bumper

Front axle bumpstops

New front axle pinion seal (leaking)

Doug Thorley Headers (ordered, install next weekend)

Hmm  ??? what else...?


Very nice! !!! Well done Sir.

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