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Sunny's Fronty ***3 Link front done*** Pics added***

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Hammer (Avi):
nice looking truck, good steal. 

Changed the oil and filter with Amsoil today and got Smittybuilt Recovery Strap 3" x 30" and Viair 300p air compressor for it (thanks unamused).

That's what my Frontier would look like if I ever took it back from my mom and decided it needed to be made into a serious rig ;D

And those are fun to take care of. I have an easier time tearing the old Fronty apart than the X anyway.

Hammer (Avi):
you left some oil on marcin's driveway.


--- Quote from: Hammer on January 20, 2013, 01:31:36 AM ---you left some oil on marcin's driveway.

--- End quote ---

Something to remember me by.


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