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AZXC what trails are you running in 2013?

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Post up what trails you are running.

I am registered as of tonight and here is what I am on;

MONDAY- Fins N' Things (Leading)
TUESDAY -Top of the World
WEDNESDAY - Seven Mile Rim (Tail gunning)
THURSDAY - Hell's Revenge (Leading)
FRIDAY - Poison Spider Mesa

Nizmo McLovin:
Monday - Golden Spike
Tuesday - Steel Bender (leading)
Wednesday - Flat IRon Mesa
Thursday - Cliffhanger
Friday - Poison Spider Mesa (tailgunner)

Monday - Fin's N Things
Tuesday - Steel Bender
Wednesday - Flat Iron Mesa
Thursday -  Top of The World (Leading)
Friday - Poison Spider Mesa

Monday - Golden Spike
Tuesday - Steel Bender (Tail Gunner)
Wednesday - Flat Iron Mesa (Tail Gunner)
Thursday - Metal Masher
Friday - Poison Spider Mesa (Finish a great week with all the cool kids)

Hammer (Avi):
MONDAY- Metal Masher
TUESDAY -Dome Plateau
WEDNESDAY - Elephant Hill
THURSDAY - Hell's Revenge
FRIDAY - Fins N' Things


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