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Hammer (Avi):
I'm curious what you guys think about Obama's new gun regulations.  I have read through them and most of them make good sense.  The majority deal with improving back round checks and the transfer of information to the govt from Doctors, and other agencies.  Also, allowing the ATF to do it's job, I saw a report that said that something like 90% of criminals get firearms from 1% of the shops.  If that is the case wouldn't it make sense to shut those shops down?  Also, I like the fact that they want to make funds available to train first responders and school officials in dealing with these situations.  What I would also like to see is mandating that schools allow school officials to CC.  Here is the list. 

First thing we all have to realize is who Obama is and what it is he wants.
He is not a fan of the Constitution, especially the first two amendments.

Once you know what his end game is you can pretty much expect that his orders are written to look good on the surface, but when you start seeing how they will be implemented, that is when you will see the erosive effects on our liberties.

If I had the time to enumerate each executive order and detail exactly how each will go deliberately wrong for the people I would but I have to get back out there and weld.

Fangers, I wish I could carry a little mini you around to debate liberals when they try to challenge me! So much knowledge and sense comes from your posts.

Fangers for President!!!

I couldn't care less tbh.

And yes I own a gun.

To expand on that I will state what I tell people all the time. How has this changed your life?

Answer is - It hasn't because nothing has changed yet.

So everyone calm down


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