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AZXC goes BANG BANG in 2013!

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Here is it another fun day to get out of the house hang out with some Nissan people and shoot some guns.

We will do this outside this time.

We will be heading up to Table Mesa.  Meeting at the McDonalds off of Carefree highway at 10AM here

Date will be Saturday Feb 9th!

Post up if you can make it!

Hammer (Avi):
I will be there.  Lets try to keep it early, around 10am, and somewhere not too far from phoenix so I can make it to work that evening.   

Be sure and wear proper ear protection. Our local radio DJ on the KFMA morning show, Fook, went out shooting last week, wore ear plugs, but it wasn't enough. After firing 25 rounds he suffered a sudden hearing loss and he's come out saying the doctors told him he may have permanent tone deafness to upper frequencies which sucks especially for him because there are a lot of songs that he says sound like crinkled paper to him right now and he doesn't know if it'll get better yet.

So take care guys and wear proper ear protection.

Count me in

I don't have a gun, but my buddy that rode with me will be interested. If I am able to drive after my surgery, I'll go and have him come out too, but for now I'll put chances of that around 50%.


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