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Rim drive 07/12/09

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We are the same way! No planning needed here! (Ok maybe a little). We'll roll at a moments notice (most of the time).
You just might be surprised... give a text at 5am on a weekend... doesnít hurt... I'm an early bird anyway (I'll sleep when I'm dead, I always say).
Typically, we might decide the night before, print some maps and hit up Wally-mart for fruit and jerky. Or we might wait till the morning of.

Part of why Wally makes a good play buddy is that we are pretty spontaneous. I try to get most of my homework done during the week so I can be free on the weekend. Trucks are semi-packed most of the time (with stuff for emergencies). We donít need to bring much. Most of the toys and supplies are at the front of the garage and easy to toss in the trucks. Sometimes we just go for a few hours or a half day. Then we still have time for other things like homework and chores. That's one of the reason we spend so much time up at Pleasant, it's really easy to get to and we don't make a big deal out of going. We were home by noon yesterday, just because of the heat.

But I'm planning for Fat Tire... I got a lot of stuff I need and want to do...

You need a lens with a little more reach for those rattler encounters. I have yet to come across one of these(black) in the wild.
Mostly diamond backs.
Very nice.

Where is the Rim?

And I like the black rattler..............I wouldn't mind seeing one from afar.

And we saw one of those horned toads the other day and couldnt quite figure out what it was.



--- Quote from: Godsmack on July 13, 2009, 09:05:56 PM ---Where is the Rim?...
--- End quote ---

The Mogollon (Mug-e-yon) Rim is north of Payson.  From the valley you can get to FR300 by going up SR87 (aka Beeline Highway), or by taking I-17 north to SR260 E (Camp Verde exit).  SR260 merges with SR87 approx 1/2 hour east of Camp Verde.  FR300 is not too far from this intersection.


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