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From what I can tell this book:

The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual

and this book:

Now Your Talking! 5th edition

are what is needed to study for the ticket.

Is there a place close to me, I live in Surprise, that I can purchase these books or what is needed to study for the exam.

If you like... Stop on by and I can loan you my Now Your Talking! Second Edition. It's old but who cares. I'm in South G-Dale, near the Stadium.
HRO is close... relatively... their new shop is on 43rd Ave and Peoria. The next HRO is in Las Vegas, so what ever one is closet to you...  ;D

But talk to Wally about the CD's and see if he recommends them. Maybe that might be a cool way for you to learn. Borrow the book and buy the CD. Save yourself a few bucks.

The answer to your question is Yes, one or both of these books will do it and I recommend one or the other or both. You may also be able to study from online.


Now you got me excited thanks for the loan of the book and radio.  Me thinks I will be losing sleep this week.  ::)

Ahhh, You can sleep when you are dead.

I missed a lot of sleep in my first year of being licesned, between participating in the "Red Eye Nets" and T-hunting till the sun came up. Missing sleep now is part of your training for what's to come.

(for the record... radio isn't anywhere close to being as active here today as it was in the mid '90's in Southern California (And I'm sure that's the same for the '70's and '80's) BUT sometimes it just takes a single spark to start a fire. Every ham has their views as to why radio is loosing popularity. You may not "loose as much sleep" as I did when I was a newbie. But you can start as many sparks as you what.)


Here is the info I was telling you about.

At first, users were required to obtain a CB Radio license and call letters from the FCC to operate a CB Radio. However, the FCC was so inundated with requests for CB Radio licenses that they finally abandoned formal licensing and allowed operators to buy CB Radio equipment and go on the air without any license or call letters.


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