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Nope.  Don't need a license to own a radio.  I am borrowing Brenda's handheld and Wally has one in his truck.  He and I don't have licenses.

So scott will you be joining me in mesa monday to take the test?

No, Scott has to work friday thru tuesday.  Scott will be studying while at work.  Gonna beat your score little man. :o

To listen to a repeater... try... 146.940 MHz on the White Tanks (say verbally "69 40" for short, the "one forty part is implied when you are talking about two-meters)... (I got that from a repeater list that I Googled). On the keypad, type the number 1, then type 4 then 6, then 9... You get the idea.  ;D Or if you’re really ambitious.... you can turn the knob and turn and turn and turn till you get the right numbers. On the knob, one part is the volume and the lower part is the freq setting.

Here is a list of Repeaters in the Phoenix area:
Pick some that are close to you, type in the freq and listen for a couple hours while you do other stuff. Remember don't key up the Repeater and keep the radio safe from accidental keying (like butt-keying). Don't worry about programming. Try memorizing one or two freqs (just the last 4 numbers) and alternate between them to see which ones are active.

Wally's has enjoyed listening to 147.120 in the mornings. That repeater is listed as belonging to the Superstition ARC (Amateur Radio Club) in Apache Junction. They have a Trivia Net at 7am - 8am in the mornings. It's kinda far for us but see if you can hear it anyway. I seem to be having a hard time hearing it myself with the mobile on the drive to Downtown, so I'm not sure that if the reason is because the repeater is to far away or if something is wrong with my setup (I haven't had time figure it out). I don't know how far away stuff here is yet (in radio terms).

Anyone got any good suggestions for fun repeaters to listen to in the West Valley?

Maybe we need to have a study group session... maybe to play Radio Jeopardy  ;D
Let me know if you guys are interested, I'll make something up. You can come over to my place.

We can do something after or before Scott has to go to work. Maybe others would like to come to watch or participate.

Wally, you got a week till the test??? We need to do something quick.


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