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--- Quote from: Killing4aliving on July 16, 2009, 12:59:26 PM ---All I gotta say is  ;D

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Found about that awhile ago but thanks. ;D

pinchel (Rob):

Has practice tests, free. And does well at keeping up to date.

Hey everyone.. we're a returning team two gen 1 solar yellows called.... 'XTonka' and now. 'XTonka2'.. my husband and I are both hams'.. I just got my license a few weeks ago. For studying I used Tests are current and free as well. I had studied prior using the big books (pain) but once I was able to pass the test consistently at above 80% I knew I was ready.

I'm now KIZMDK.. but thinking of getting a vanity so.. we'll see  ;)

Hammer (Avi):
Congrats! our ranks are growing :)

pinchel (Rob):
I've been studying and I'm not getting a consistent score but hitting over 80%, I'm pushing for higher.


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