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Hammer (Avi):
I don't often CC, but when I do, its a pita.  I am looking for holster recommendations.  I currently have an XD40 that I like and would love to CC but have yet to find a belt/holster combo I feel comfortable CC all day.  I am actually considering picking up a different firearm because of this, but for the mean time, this is what I have and I'd like to see if I can make it doable.

My primary concern is this, many WB holsters seem comfortable while walking and standing, but not when sitting.  I have put a mount in my vehicle for easy access while driving, but what if I want to go watch a movie? Or go out to dinner, when my waste band is likely to fill up?  So I was thinking of a shoulder holster.  What has everyone had experience with and like?

I wear a black hawk serpa holster.

When I am in the office i always have a blazer on so its easy.

Hammer (Avi):
Serpa is an entire line of holsters made by black hawk, could you be more specific.  What do you mean it's easy with a blazer?  Is it a WB model and the blazer keeps it from being seen?  Is it a shoulder version that is under the blazer?  If it is a WB model, can you sit without it jabbing you in the side?

WB version and its not seen because I have a blazer on.  Yes I can sit with it not jabbing me in the leg, but when I am in the office I sometimes take it out and put it in my desk.   

I'm a huge fan of In the Waste band holsters. One big thing that I like is that nothing is visible below the belt line, so my shirt can ride up to the top of my belt before the gun starts to be visible. Also the ones that are leather backed are really comfortable for me. It does take a little getting used to, but I think they are great. You might need to step up the size of your pants though if they are currently a little tight.

My favorite is a CompTac MTAC. I am able to conceal my full size Glock 22 with just a t-shirt. It does sometimes print, but in reality, 99.8% of people will never notice unless the actual gun is sticking out. Think about it, how often do you look at somebody's waste if they are leaning over or whatever? You might do it semi often if you are looking for a gun, but most people are plugged into their iphone or too busy shopping, or whatever to ever notice a slight bulge from your shirt, which probably looks just like a belt pouch for a cell phone.

I recently bought a new holster similar to the Crossbreed, where the leather portion is larger than the MTAC. I'm still breaking it in and getting he leather to soften up. So far I prefer the smaller MTAC, but I'm sure once this one breaks in it will be just as comfortable.

I can bring the holster to the camping thing on the 16th if you want to try it out


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