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Hammer (Avi):
What about belt recommendations? IWB versions of course, no point concealing if you have a 3 inch belt on. 

I use a wilderness belt. They have measuring guides but the nice thing is that they're local so I just went in and tried them on to find the right size. The lady helped me find one that I could use with and without my in the waistband holster. After we found the right size they didn't have the exact version I wanted so they made one while I waited.

I bought the one with the plastic liner but its probably overkill on stiffness for Iwb. I really like it though


Hammer (Avi):
I had been checking out that video.  Nice find. 

I carry a Ruger LC9 with a JBP Holster.  I always wear it IWB and so far it is the most comfortable concealed carry combination that I have found.  I really like the LC9 because of how slim it is, and it shoots well for me.  I like it so much I bought one for my wife also!


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