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Where are you guys still getting these done at and how much are they running?

I accidentally let our (wife) ccw's expire, because I missed the renewal date and they don't have/offer autopay.  I checked with our old place and they have shut down since the need has died down considerably.

Kicking myself, just don't check thee ol' po box like we did in the old days.

Hammer (Avi):
Good question, this thread needed an update.  So both me and FirstLady got ours at C2 tactical with a groupon.  I won't go and advertise for C2, I think their prices are high and transfer fees for non members are a joke.  The class itself was good and informative.  They took care of the thumb prints and gave us directions for mailing in and paying the fees.  I think it was about 50 for the class and probably another 50 or so in fees.  They did allow us free range time all day, which was nice.  I think it includes gun rental to cert with if you don't have your own as well.   

Just like Avi, i got a groupon and did mine at Caswells in mesa with my uncle. They took care of everything.

Thatsgr8 (Scott):
I just googled CCW and found one in Chandler for $39.99. Four hour class. In and out.  Fingerprinting included.  The manual he used is available to purchase a hard copy or download a PDF from his website.  It is located on Chandler Blvd and (I think) 48th st.  Right next door to Merchant Firearms.  I did mine Nov 2016.  I also believe everyone needs at least a safety course before carrying.

Great info, thanks.  My wife is 5-6 months preggo atm tho, so prob have to wait til she can take a proper stance. 

Last time we did our ccw, almost 7-10 years back, it scared the crap out of me to know the kinds of people that would be carrying their firearms.  Blew me away that people would take a class, that had either never fired their firearm or never fired a firearm period.  One guy managed to hit my wife's target who was 2 stands away.  Another guy tried to draw from around his back, whilst next to my wife (I then shat down his throat and problem was alleviated).  Moral of the story, I think everyone is the USA needs to be required to take a mandatory 8 hour class on:

1.  This is a firearm, not a toy
2.  Do not put your finger on the trigger unless you are ready to pull it
3.  Do not draw or aim your weapon like you see in the movies
4.  The bullet comes out the end with the hole
5.  This is seriously not a toy, and can and will kill someone
6.  A firearm is not a cure to resolve conflicts
7.  A holster isn't a recommendation it is mandatory, don't be the guy that shoots himself in the pecker
8.  If any of these subjects where confusing to you, raise your hand and we can send you to the remedial 48 hour program ;)

I get that its our right, and that made sense when to fire a weapon you had to know how to deal with paper, powder, rods, flint locks and all that fun.  Heck if you could load it, you were already in possession of some need to know knowledge, like how a firearm works.

Not to get too off topic but such a class would probably be quite helpful before being allowed to vote, as well ;)


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