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AZXC Water Bottle

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Hammer (Avi):
Due to the cost of printing multiple colors these will have to be printed in black only.  I think they will look awesome.  

Edit: OP has been updated.

Is there a minimum quntity needed or can we just plave our order and pay?

Hammer (Avi):
We decided we wanted 10 orders in order to place the order and we got around 6.  We may still order these up for sale at Moab, but it is on hold at the moment.  I wanted to look at our budget as we got closer to Moab and make a decision then. 

Can I order a silver water bottle now and someone bring it to the clean up on April 6th for me?

Hammer (Avi):
We don't yet have high enough interest to place an order.  If we do get enough interest we will place an order and the lead time is about 2 weeks. 


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